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Friday, January 30, 2004

I left the office early yesterday, but that's because I was there before eight in the morning. I took Chai to Honda in Libis for her preventive maintenance thing at around seven, left her there and took the cab to the office.

For a change, it's a great feeling to go home when the sun is still up. And driving down La Vista, it gives a nice glow to the dried leaves on the road.

It's Friday today. The last oomph of the week. It's the 30th of the month and it's sweldo time (I think hope). Whatever I'm getting from the ATM today, it'll be minus P60+ because the finance person made a miscalculation in my tax deductions. I'm still thankful it's just a small amount. I remember this time when they had this wrong computation for Gina's taxes and she ended up getting something like a little more than P2,000 for that month. That was shitty. Imagine not being able to feast in our own cafeteria.

7:46 AM

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