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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I was supposed to go biking tonight, but it's dinnertime already when I arrived in Charo's house. Tomorrow I'm planning to be a little early in the office so I could leave early and bike. I'm crossing my fingers now and hope that all my pending projects go smoothly, at least just for tomorrow.

After more than three years of abuse, my black Nike ACG rubber shoes finally gave in. Well, not really. Maybe with a wave of the mighty bond wand, I can extend its life some more. It was sulit na sulit. It was the only witness to my roller coaster fitness regimen, which includes three adventure races, months of night running/jogging, a few months in the gym, and of course the latest fad in sports - badminton.

I called Honda this morning and booked Chai for her 70,000-kilometer preventive maintenance. I can't imagine we've been together for that long - almost five years. To some people that would be high-time to sell their car, but with no money to replace her, I have no choice but to make sure she's in perfect running condition.

I'll be ending this entry now. I have to log out and finish watching Amelie.

9:12 PM

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