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Friday, January 30, 2004

I got this hilarious joke forwarded by the great Mr. Aragones himself.

In the 1996 Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas, host Bob Goen introduces the candidates.

Bob: Please welcome, Miss Canada!
From the crowd, a voice screams "Subterranean!"

Bob: Please welcome, Miss France!
Voice: Subterranean!

Bob: Please welcome, Miss Italy!
Voice: Subterranean!

Bob: Please welcome, Miss India
(this time the voice was silent)

Bob: Please welcome, Miss USA
Voice: Suuuub-teeerranean! Yah-hoo!

Bob: Please welcome, Miss Zaire
(again the voice was silent)

At the intermission, Bob was really curious why the voice was shouting "subterranean", so he dispatched a guard to fetch the fellow and bring him backstage. They picked up the guy and he turns out to be a Filipino who didn't speak English. So they got an interpreter to ask the Pinoy why he was shouting "subterranean".

Sabi ng Pinoy, "Wala akong sinasabing 'subterranean.' Ang sabi ko, "Sarap tirahin niyan!"

10:15 AM

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