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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Today was a cool gimmick. It's not the usual dinner-movie-coffee ritual that we do.

After picking up Charo from her first meeting in Learning Links at the Sanvil (Tama ba ang spelling?) complex near Aurora, we headed to the Ateneo clubhouse, for some of manang's legendary inihaw. Well, Charo had some. Me, on the other hand, had to be contended with just inihaw na isda.

It was torture seeing her eat the inihaw na baboy, and the aroma of the fresh-off-the-grill liempo isn't helping. I vowed to myself that someday I am going to feast on Manang's inihaw. Mark my word - bullet one day I will eat that. (translation: balang araw, kakain din ako niyan.)

We were already finished eating lunch when Fiesta, Nicole and Karen arrived, but we tambayed nonetheless and waited for them.

It was a different clubhouse from my college days. Back then it seems dark and dirty, but now it's brighter and more presko.

Here's something I saw that seems odd - female ROTC cadets! OK, fine. I applaud the system. Finally they're letting females into the military. What I can't figure out is why do these girls have to join in the first place? Back in college, I would do anything to skip the stupid ROTC program so I can have the Saturday for myself, and here we are with these females begging to go in! Crazy!

Anyway, after lunch we met with Dan in the parking area near the admin building. Charo had to go to Berchmans for her Ateneo Alumni Card meeting. We were hoping Nicole would join us but she had to look for a fan for her PC. So it's just me, Dan, Fiesta and Karen.

So what do four officemates do on a Saturday afternoon with nothing to do? Drive to the Fort and line-up for Go Nuts Donuts! Isn't that obvious?!

When we got there, the line was soooooooooooooooo fucking long that it literally took hours before we got to the counter. We arrived there at about 1:30 in the afternoon and left a few minutes after 3:00! It was an easy 60 people in that line - that insane! People are ready to line-up for hours for donuts! What a sight!

That sucks, yes, but what we really liked was that the people from the donut shop prepared something for those people waiting in line. For the kids, they had free face painting and caricature drawing, plus they gave away go nuts masks. As for the adults, they had Aubrey Miles and Piolo Pascual do a toro session. Just kidding. We were treated with delicious iced tea and donut samplers delivered to us by what the boys in the office would call "subterraneans" (Refer to previous post). Not bad!

It was Dan, Fiesta and Karen's first time that taking that first step into the store was a momentous occassion in itself. Look! We even took pictures of Fiesta's first step!

We drove back to Ateneo and arrived there at around four. By this time, Charo was already finished with her meeting. So we bought soda at the vendo and sat and chatted in the Bellarmine field.

I ended the day with an hour-long bike ride and dinner at Cha's place.


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