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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Life Without Pork
(Hey! This one's a good title for my blog! What do you guys think? Should I change Confessions of an OJT Killer to Life without Pork?)

I better go to sleep soon. The pamamanhikan is today and I have to be at my absolute best when I wake up. Wait a minute! What am I talking about?! May absolute best pa akong pinagsasasabi eh halos buong araw akong nakatambay sa kanila ah! Hehehehe!

My high for the day was when her mom offered me to sleep at one of the vacant rooms upstairs while waiting for Charo, who was in Ateneo for her meeting with the other Alumni Card volunteers. Hey! That one's new! Hanggang ngayo'y kumikililing pa rin sa aking tenga. O ha!

We had lunch again at Manang's today. This time it's with Cha's parents plus Karen. Yes, they had that fantabulous inihaw na liempo. And yes, I was caught by Charo staring at that wonderful piece of grilled pork. As much as i'd like to have a serving, I ordered the fish again. As pampalubag-loob, I had a slice of meat minus the fat. Now I ask myself why did I feast on all that pork only to suffer an almost guaranteed porkless life? Oh my beloved sisig, goodbye!

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