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Saturday, May 15, 2004

The feast of San Isidro de Labrador also coincides with the national day for motorcyclists-with-females-riding-at-the-back. This explains the humongous traffic jams (That's a plural, take note!) we encountered on our trip to Batangas and back.

If it had not been for my lola asking to see us, I wouldn't have bothered to do the drive, even for the free gas. It was a deadly concoction from the start - sweldo day on a summer weekend with a lot of towns celebrating their fiestas sprinkled with a funeral at the national highway in San Jose and a procession, also at the national highway, at Yazaki-Torres in Calamba!

The total time we spent with my lola in the ICU of the new Jesus of Nazareth hospital in Batangas City was a little more than an hour. The total travel time from Manila to Batangas and back is about eight hours. That's not right.

11:47 PM

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