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Friday, May 28, 2004

I'm really pissed off with one of my TXTjocks who's filing his resignation.

Honestly, I have nothing against them leaving the company. I am actually happy that they're going for greener pastures. And if ever they need a recommendation, I wouldn't even have second thoughts not to give them one.

As I see it, there's no sugarcoating in our relationship. I say things as it is, no matter how bitter it may be. There's no superior-subordinate stuff here that happens in conventional companies. My philosophy is we're in here together. We may have different tasks, but each one is important in reaching our goals.

So when this person called and asked if he could have someone file his resignation for him, I was blown away. The translation for me was quite simple: everything that we've been through, good or bad, means absolutely nothing.

I'm not overreacting as you may think. All I'm asking for is the respect that is due to me and the team, not as his boss and officemates, but as persons.

As my teacher, Eddie Boy Calasanz, once said in our philosophy class in college, "Ituring na tao ang tao."

4:15 PM

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