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Friday, June 11, 2004

I'd like to wish my honey a very happy birthday! She just turned... umm... twenty something today! Hehehehe!

Today is meeting day, and I'm finished with my first of three meetings. Next in line is a lunch meeting at Dish, and the good part is it's free! Now I have to donate my baon to someone who needs it.

I'm in the office early today, because I plan on leaving early. It's goodbye office after the company general assembly at 4pm. I'll do a slight detour at National Bookstore to get her a gift and then it's off to birthday girl's place.

I didn't open my trunk to the guard in the parking lot. I see no point in this exercise and, quite frankly, it's just a waste of our time. To those building administrators who are reading this, I beg you please to think this up - why do you assign your guards to check our trunks if we could have the thing you're looking for in our back seat or maybe even on our laps? I'm puzzled how this "security measure" should make us feel safe when all of us know it's half-baked.

9:42 AM

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